Liquid Nitrogen After Care Instructions

What to Expect

The liquid nitrogen will sting and cause mild pain. The skin is frozen and then thaws. This usually
lasts about ten minutes. Pain medication is typically not required.

After Cryosurgery:

  • Immediately after to several hours: The depth and intensity of the freezing can affect how long a throbbing sensation will last. The area may hurt worse for a few minutes after it thaws.
  • 2 to 24 hours: The lesion site will first appear red and then swell. A blister may develop. The fluid in the blister may look blood filled or clear.
  • 1 to 4 days: If a blister develops, do not break it. If it breaks accidentally, keep it clean and covered with a bandage until a crust or scab forms. If the blister does not break, it will naturally crust/scab over in a few days
  • 10 days to 4 weeks: Healing will continue until the scab peels off on its own. This will vary in time depending on how deep and how large the treated area is.
  • 4 weeks plus: After the scab falls off, the treatment site may be pink or white. The pigment may not return completely, but often improves over time. Protect the treated area diligently from sun exposure.

Care of Procedure Site

  • Do not break the blister. You may wish to protect it with a bandage until it scabs. The unbroken blister and scab do not require any treatment unless broken or draining. If the blister ruptures, wash it gently twice daily and cover with a bandage until healed.
  • DO NOT pick at or remove the scab.
  • DO NOT apply any lotions, creams or make-up to the area until completely healed except Aquaphor or Vaseline if needed.
  • Mild redness of wound edges is normal. If you develop expanding redness, milky drainage, fever or chills, please contact our office.